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Default Respect and True Dominant Personalities

Originally Posted by CattivaGattina View Post
Well this morning was an interesting conversation with Primal. He told me that he's starting to have moments (fleeting ones) of conflict with our relationship and his polyamory. He's told me that he would love to have a 24/7 M/S relationship with me but the conflict part arises because he doesn't see how that would work with both of us having other primaries.

So if anyone has any advice as to how that could work (cause we talked a little about it and would both love to have it if it is feasible) I'd love to hear that.
Giving up all control of your body, your mind and it's will to another only works well if when control is not undeserved. When talking about instances that are more than role playing, or more than specific situations, especially as full time as seven days a week for all 23hours and 55minutes of all seven days, would only be wise to do so if You knew a Master who could help You learn to fulfill Your dreams. The One Who could do that may be deserving of your submission, and having a primary that is not your Master won't hinder that. It takes a person who accepts your submission for your benefit, not theirs. But the common Dom/sub dynamic will be problematic as some "Doms" have trouble understanding what being responsible with power and control over others entails. Bending rules of authority over rights, and whose permission must be granted for anyone to have control over one's rights spells doom.

The line that separates abusive behavior from desired behavior can never be blurred as blurring said line is often more dangerous than outright abuse.

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