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Default Back to reality

Ah, we've made it back home to some adorable kids who were happy to see us. Enjoyed my weekend of easy time with FJ, being goofy and snuggly, sleepy and is just so natural to be with FJ. The perfect cool mountain summer weather didn't hurt either-it was such serenity.

We walked around an art show and picked up a necklace for MD. Handcrafted with a turquoise medallion and 2 little charms hanging off it. We got to see her when we got back today, helped her move a load of stuff to her new place. She loved the gift

I wrote her a letter to tell her I was thinking of her on Fathers Day-we've both lost our fathers. I also wrote that I was happy we had made it past some tough spots and that the break really helped me get my brain back. Hope I didn't lay it on too thick. We'll see if she even mentions it. I didn't write it for a response, so if I get one great, if not life goes on.
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