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I'm doing...okay. Not great, but okay.

Work has kept up a relentless pace. Orders don't stop pouring in. Even with the extra people we added this year we can't seem to keep up with it all. Good news is that we aren't going to be out of a job any time soon. Bad news is that while the push for overtime has slacked, it's still needed.

On the relationship side of things life is also going okay. Not dating anyone again as of now. My wife continues with her dating and is now sort of seeing my ex. I'm okay with it. We broke as friends and stayed in contact, even if she did hurt me (wasn't that she broke it off but how, really). Feeling a little lonely in the personal department, but that's getting better.

Personally I've been making positive progress. Been spending more time talking with friends even if I can't get out as often as I'd like.
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