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Default We're good

My god, what a mess. But we're working through it. I'm forgiven, for a few discrete counts of idiocy. Grotto's bruised, will take a while to fully get over it, but things are much, much better. We're solid. Back on the bicycle.

Flying over here was a good idea. Doesn't bear thinking about, how things would have been if I didn't. I mean, we would have fixed things eventually I'm sure, but it would have been significantly more painful.

Another reason I wanted to sort this out soon was Grotto has an exam for work tomorrow and the day after. In the mind state he was in before I got here, that would have been kind of disastrous.

Spending time with him, around the house - cooking, cleaning, fucking, talking - reminds me of how much I've been missing this. The day-to-day relating. Long distance is such an energy sink. Four more months. Four more months.
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