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I am not sure that the "general discussion" category on here is the best place to post questions about another site. Perhaps in "chit chat"... to me it may just very well give a tone because it is posted here where as there was no tone intended.

The site Raven has developed is meant for an exclusive group of people who wish to remain that way. I have no investment in that at the best of times myself as I am inclusive of everyone, so perhaps your reaction to the questions is because of that? Just a thought.

It seems it is an attempt to lesson the dating pool and talk to others of like mind. I'm sure there are other ways to find people who are like minded for you and although it kind of feels that you are left out of something, you actually are left out of something quite small. There is a whole world of poly folk out there that I am sure you would fit better. I would think that you would meet whoever is in that group anyway via other means. People tend to be apart of everything and as much as they can in my experience, rather than focus on one group. Especially where dating and finding loves is concerned...

I wouldn't worry about it and move on knowing it just isn't for you and you aren't missing anything. Just my thought about it all.
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