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Last year I went on a date with a nice young man in his late 20s. We spent a few pleasant hours chatting online and on the phone before we met, then we met for lunch.

He'd kept hinting he was into older women very much, but wouldn't say why. I went ahead and assumed it was for the usual reason, a chance of me being open minded and kinkier than someone his age.

So after lunch and a walk and a pretty good idea he was not an ax murderer, I invited him up. We made out on the couch, we made out on the bed... I told him I don't fuck on the first date. Well! He just didn't know what to do with me! Wide range of possibilities short of fucking, right? He was so at sea, he fell asleep.

I let him nap half an hour, then sent him on his way, with the definite thought, "This guy is way too vanilla for me." I guess he likes older women because he had the idea we fuck on the first date with no more preamble than a few kisses.

So, Cindie, and others, am I judgmental?
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