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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Twice this week I have been invited to sex related events. One was to receive a yoni massage (massage of the vagina) and the other was today to go to a spiritual yet sexual event where we would have sex and intimacy in a group setting somehow and under the context of spirituality and connection to each other and everything.
Hi RP,

Well - it's interesting to see how this whole thing is developing - the breadth it's expanded to. Way beyond just a reaction to a party etc.
Initially I would have figured (like you did) that it would just be a "no thanks - not my thing" and end of discussion. But it seems you've attached more to it on a 'conceptual' level. And now you've bumped into a couple more opportunities that seem to be pushing definitions of what your 'sexuality' does - or MIGHT entail.
Interesting !

Although we've never managed to make it to one, we've seen events/workshops focused on Tantric sex practice and found the concept interesting. 'Concept' being meeting with a group of loving, focused people who we've never met before and exploring different aspects of sexuality.
Now to us - that seems like a whole different avenue of exploration than a 'swing' party. Although we've never participated in a swing party - we attended one once for a short while and soon discovered that it just wasn't our "thing". But we also acknowledged that was just that particular party, with that particular group etc. We certainly didn't 'label' swinging or swing parties by that one experience. And we know that those vary as widely as people do.
I'm rambling with no point LOL

Actually, I think the point is (if I'm even understanding you correctly) that I'm surprised to learn that you and your loves would, for example, not consider investigating something like that together (if possible). For example, any of the Tantric training we've seen didn't imply any expectations of being sexual with anyone but your own partner(s) (if you had one). But neither was it implied otherwise - giving us the impression that it was open to flow in whatever direction each individuals comfort level allowed.

I guess I'm not clear on what you see as 'boundary' limitations in these cases. Is it just that it (might) involve something sexual (or semi) with someone you are not already in a relationship with. Is that the 'boundary' ?

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