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LR said "consider" camping..... Because get a load of this - Some people DO like it! Different strokes for different folks. Just like some people's idea of fun is paying $400 to pack their car with water and toilet paper to drive out into a "playa" and be hot and sweaty and dirty with no running water so they can feel all artistic and non-commercial and meet other poly people.

I like camping but not with poly people. Right now i am camping naked (this is actually a b&b with campsites in summer & we park our trailer here all season) with swingers (it's not a "swingers" club but there are people "in the lifestyle" who come here) but they don't know i am in an open relationship. If they did i'd spend my entire R&R time fielding requests and offers. And like i said before, i have trouble with reading signals from people who are unable or unwilling to tell me they've had enough of my company and expect me to figure it out myself, so i stay in my own sphere and let people visit me in my space. I let them think i'm "just shy" or whatever myers-briggs thing gets me off the hook. Anyway, I think one of the owners of the place wants to fuck me. They have said they want to spank me so they'd probably fuck me too if i wanted it. I'm thinking about it. Prob'ly one of these days i will... Good times.

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