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Originally Posted by london View Post
I'll say the same again, for some people, what they do in the bedroom is merely a reflection of their wider identity as a D or s type. For them, their kink label is what they feel is the most important information to impart on someone new to give them an indication of what to expect.
And I would back away, slowly, and find someone else to talk to . . . not because I disapprove of what they do in the bedroom, but because anyone who would shoehorn the complexity of her or his own self into a one-dimensional label is likely to be fairly tedious.

I was once at a gathering in college where I met an exchange student from Northern Europe. He introduced himself as an Anti-Zionist. It seemed he had built his whole identity as a human being around opposition to the existence of Israel as a nation.

I found that troubling and slightly pathetic, but mostly I just found it tiresome.
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