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Originally Posted by london View Post
And in that statement, you just invalidated the lifestyles of about a trillion kinksters.
Well, since you have taken it upon yourself to speak for "a trillion" kinksters, then please tell them I feel sorry for them, since they must have an utter lack confidence in their lifestyles to feel invalidated by my having stated an opinion on how people present themselves socially. Certainly, all those trillion kinksters must be very fragile and insecure if my being turned-off by one person who introduced himself first as a sexual practice instead of his name invalidates what they do, especially since they don't know me. Personally, I don't like being called vanilla, but if someone does that, it doesn't invalidate me. At least I have more sense of self than that. According to you, if my previous statement invalidated their lifestyles, then my being turned off by any of the kinky acts they do, must also automatically invalidate them. Hmm, didn't know I had such power over a trillion kinksters!

Originally Posted by london View Post
I'm pretty bored of this conversation . . .
Yeah, so?

Originally Posted by london View Post
. . . as I said earlier, if one is comfortable with what one likes and doesn't possess that compulsion to be part of everything, one might even use that word to describe themselves.
That's not what you said earlier.
The world opens up... when you do.

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