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@nyccindie - insightful post, thank you. Yes, I do understand the importance of moving beyond the past, while acknowledging it. I started counselling as I have the desire to move beyond it, but not the tools. I'm hoping to acquire these.

I have wondered if my interest in monogamy is an 'escape' from a situation I find emotionally challenging. As London said, if that is indeed the case, I need to tell my partners. I really don't know and am hoping therapy assists in me finding the answer. Escapism? Or a genuine desire to try something new?

Me: bi poly female in W relationship. I'm one of the hinges.
Lad: bi poly guy, the other hinge of the W. We share a house, but not a bedroom. Long-term relationship.
Mr Smiles: Gay / homoflexible guy, end of W, partnered to Lad. Long-term relationship.
Muffin: Straight guy. The other end of the W. We've been dating about 18 months.
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