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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Why do you call that a "poly mentality?" Honesty and openness in communication are important for any relationship, whether poly or mono.
You're right... I should have explained a bit more detailed, but since the emphasis in this thread is in virginity, I did not think it was that important. But since you asked, so - my thought process went on like this: If honesty is the core value and sex is not as important as I have been told it is, then why would it matter if someone has sex with more than one person if they are honest about it with all the partners? Also, love comes in all sizes and shapes and I want to enjoy all of it that comes along - with or without sex involved. Also what has been important to me is that I won't hinder anyone's freedom to do what they enjoy doing or be with whomever they wish, whether it be friendships or more.
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