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Just a quick comment about a related incident to fearing loss in any relationship.

A while back Redpepper and I had a relatively large misunderstanding of what each other needed to work towards our future. It gave us a brief and extremely painful glimpse of what losing each other would feel like. Luckily we both put our noses to the grindstone and spent a couple of exhausting days arriving at full understanding of what we really meant.

It was sickening for both of us but also taught us that our love and what we are building is worth a huge amount of work. Her husband was instrumental in grounding us as we became so wrapped up with the future that it was eating away at our present. We were trying to look at things in the future from the perspective of who we are today. That can be a very slippery slope.

I recommend having goals but not getting too caught up in the details. Certainly live in the present, not the future. Enjoy every minute with the people you love because those minutes will inevitably be the future and you'll probably wonder why you were so concerned...

Take care everyone
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