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@kdt, no issues with younger men. I really have ZERO jealousy towards men. Lad has been away on holiday overseas for many weeks at a time with his gay partner and I've only ever felt happy he's having a great time.

@London and Cleo, yes, I'm seeing the poly counsellor and am on strong anti-depressants to help overcome my issues and the 'fallout' from my jealousy. I've said to my BF if I can't get over this jealousy, he should leave me. He's agreed that's the only option he may be left with if I can't resolve it.

I think the added difficulty is that I have a growing awareness that I'm not really sure I want to be in an open relationship anymore. If I was to be single tomorrow, I suspect I'd try a monogamous relationship. I've actually never had one.

Me: bi poly female in W relationship. I'm one of the hinges.
Lad: bi poly guy, the other hinge of the W. We share a house, but not a bedroom. Long-term relationship.
Mr Smiles: Gay / homoflexible guy, end of W, partnered to Lad. Long-term relationship.
Muffin: Straight guy. The other end of the W. We've been dating about 18 months.
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