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Originally Posted by CattivaGattina View Post
Well this morning was an interesting conversation with Primal. He told me that he's starting to have moments (fleeting ones) of conflict with our relationship and his polyamory. He's told me that he would love to have a 24/7 M/S relationship with me but the conflict part arises because he doesn't see how that would work with both of us having other primaries.

So if anyone has any advice as to how that could work (cause we talked a little about it and would both love to have it if it is feasible) I'd love to hear that.
I've seen queries about this subject on fetlife every couple of weeks or so, and there's usually lots of advice from people who are in that position, mainly on the poly and kinky forum, but you also might find it just as interesting to read the Two Dominants forum (I havent but...) since it still also will deal with not stepping on others toes/co-operating in that sort of dynamic, and fetlife's search function sucks so I couldn't find any of the threads about the subject easily in P&K
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