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Redpepper, do you REALLY think that "being monogamous" is going to get this monkey off your back? "Relationship broken, add people" applies to monogamous relationships too. If you are broken, you are not going to get to the root of your problems and overcome them by going on OK Cupid and enlisting someone to be your next enabler.

I think you would greatly benefit from getting in touch with your internalized misogyny. I have suspected since way at the beginning that you are threatened by other women whom you perceive as your "equals" and you also view females as your competitors.

I also think your brain is going through some chemical imbalances that combined with everything else, has made it impossible for you to fix yourself for the long-term. You have been trying to use first-aid bandages and splints to symptomatically address your hemmorhage. Everyone can see these things except you. I wish i knew what to tell you to do, but you probably wouldn't do it, just like most of the people who talk to strangers on the internet about their personal problems.

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