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It's not a choice I meant to make, that's for sure.

I was happily monogamous with my husband for 13 years before I met my girlfriend. Truly happy. And truly monogamous. I met her and things went a bit nuts for me. We were inseparable in an instant. I figured I had a new best friend. But it felt like more. I wanted to spend all my time with her. Wanted to go out of my way to make her happy. I wanted to hold her hand. To touch her.

My husband was the one who told me I was in love with her. Maybe I was in some heavy denial or maybe I was scared of being disloyal to my husband but I didn't notice it. I cried. I was terrified. But I couldn't stop. I was compleatly in love. He was the one who said it was ok, and told me to see if she and I could make something work.

So I'm poly.

Would I do it again? Only with them. The loves of my life. Will there be more? I really hope not. I've got my hands full with these two.
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