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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post

What is it about women that makes them so much more threatening than men? It seems that you have some buried issues there that need to be dug up and examined.

What does your poly counsellor have to say so far?
I feel competitive with women, but not men. I had a very difficult time from 10 - 15 years. Went to an all girl boarding school and was bullied horrendously (physically and emotionally) for years. Also starting to feel less attractive as I approach 40 years and feel threatened by my bf having younger women as FBs.

Have only seen the poly counselor twice, once with my bf, once alone. Am keeping a diary for her of what triggers a big upset. Will be seeing her weekly from next week, so am hopeful that will help.

Thanks for responding - and being gentle with your words.

Me: bi poly female in W relationship. I'm one of the hinges.
Lad: bi poly guy, the other hinge of the W. We share a house, but not a bedroom. Long-term relationship.
Mr Smiles: Gay / homoflexible guy, end of W, partnered to Lad. Long-term relationship.
Muffin: Straight guy. The other end of the W. We've been dating about 18 months.
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