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LR, LB would say thank you for slowing your life down so that you can look me in the face and listen to me talk about Star Trek, Science, Superman, and all the emotional turmoil that happens for him right now. He is a creative boy who never lets anything stand in the way of figuring it out with positivity and excitement.

I stood and looked at my little boys body while he showered today at the camp ground. He is so fucking beautiful I wept inside as I watched him. He is a genius in my eyes. A perfect creation that is so simple and wise.

He would say our family is everything to him and that no one else matters but us. We are all home to him and and each other. Whatever that means we should take hold of that an not let go. I know that and have been moving forward with him in mind; what he would say. If it were me I would be long gone.... creating another life. His wisdom is why I stay as much as his need for us to be together.
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