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I wrote this on facebook but it seems useful here also...

Why hold on to stuff that just isn't going anywhere or working? Why do that? Why shove situations into a box out of a need not being met or a want. What if there is something being missed because there is so much time and energy being spent on trying to make something be something it isn't? Look at things for what they really are and act as soon as you see them as such. Stop wasting time and move on to something that works and flows naturally!

Letting something flow into your life always comes with a consequence. Something needs to give to allow the banks of the stream to move. There are always options though. Choosing something that seems clumsy and uncomfortable is sometimes the best option when looking at the bigger picture. It's a matter of understanding foresight; is this option necessary to gain in some other way something closer to what works and will work for others. Will I gain more, help more or harm more. If the answers lie with a flowing path moving toward something stronger and something that make a person say "yes, fuck yes!" then the course is clear. If there is ambivalence and wavering then its not the time to change the flow. Its time to do the hard work needed of foresight.

Sometimes people and situations change it for us and that is the hardest flow change of all.... streams are damned, ecosystems destroyed, pools of water gather and eventually something must give under the pressure. If someone causes this for another then it must be understood that there can be no expectation that a damaging result won't occur. It can't be expected that someone else's change of flow will not cause effects more devastating than is first realize.

Please though.... foresight, bigger picture, consideration of others; take it from someone who has lived it if nothing else... check your moves carefully as every one of them causes ripples and changes the flow for everyone around you. Your "whatever, I will do it anyway because I can and want to," can mean changes that could devastate your future some how.... or create something wonderful. It's all in foresight.
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