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Default Ahhhh vacation

FJ and I don't get to vaca much. We have 5 kids!!! The closest grandparent is 12 hours drive, and she doesn't make it to town often. So this is a real treat for us. Laying around-not thinking about kids or chores or work. It's quite lovely. We are in a rustic cabin with a creek bubbling in the back, divine bed and a hot tub. I've lost count of the orgasms reconnecting is so important.

Of course I'm thinking of MD while I'm here. How complicated time management is going to be. We want to go away the three of us, but we'll all need time alone too. I worry she's feeling left out while we're gone. We've texted a few times, and that's been good. Sigh. One step at a time-not trying to get ahead of myself.
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