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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
I feel like I've walked into one of them televisual soaps, everyone seems to enjoy so much.

... and I just cannot understand why anything is going on.

It feels more like a lot of information is being lost from you to us, because everything is going around in circles.
What information has been given, there have been fixes to the problems from all of us.
But it seems like you're saying "no, you don't understand, because -look at how difficult it is-", whilst giving us the same information as before.

Welcome to my head somegeezer. There have been some ideas on fixing it but everything takes time. I could stop writing I guess. Until I'm totally on board and loving it all. Not share my process, thoughts and progression. This is my blog however and while I appreciate the feed back I write here as part of the process. I tend to recite the same thoughts over and over again until I reach a solid foundation to stand on and stop. Everyone processes differently. This is what its like for me.
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