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Default Plinth

Your classic Nice Guy, who surprised me by being so naughty in bed. He's unfailingly polite, generous, considerate. Quite Tall... I only make it up to his chest (kiss.) Oh, I love him.

He cooks as if the kitchen is his trusty steed. His beard is a forest. His cock feels like it was forged to fit into my throat, shaft to sheath.

I met him on the street, one drunken weekend night. He mistook Ocean for a friend of his. Turns out we have a handful of mutual friends. Plinth offered us a spliff. We smoked up on the corner as traffic skimmed past.

A casual friendship. Every meeting a joy. To talk with him is to travel.

I had not thought of him as anything but a platonic friend, apart from one conversation at a party. Words riffing, I felt myself physically drawn. I didn't say anything, but thought "ah... I'd love to take you to bed."

This was before Ocean had started dating Menrva, and he was still not out about being non-monogamous to his friends. Plinth was in that circle of friends, so I knew I couldn't go there because of Ocean.

Months later, it's Mardi Gras. We're out dancing to music, eating gumbo - a big crew of friends including Plinth. We go for a walk (him and I) to acquire more alcohol. On the way, he asks me: "what were you thinking the other night?"

"What other night?"

"The night of the party, when we were talking. It sounded like there was something on your mind."

Wow. That was exactly the One Time that I'd felt strongly attracted to him physically. I definitely hadn't said anything, but he had figured it out anyways. Oops. I eventually admitted this, and before long, walking back, we were stopping every few steps to kiss. Yikes, he's delicious.

Another day, sober, we had a Clarifying Conversation. Oh, yes. This could work. The tricky aspect could be the dynamics between Ocean, him and myself - since the three of us were established friends. I wouldn't want things to become odd between Ocean and Plinth. But we said we'd see how it goes, and manage it. Stop if anything's amiss, etc.

So far, it's been wonderful. Grotto, Plinth and I have had a couple of explosive threesomes. Since I've been away, Plinth has been hanging out a wee bit with Grotto and some of his friends, too. Part of the family now

Our relationship is undefined, beyond being friends who love and care for each other. We haven't used words like boyfriend/girlfriend. The lack of labels is a pleasant surprise, and a bit unnerving! Funnily enough. But not really, I mean, it's not a problem. I like it. More, please.
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