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Default Well I did say I needed to see blood

This is why I should never flirt with someone else's heart. God He doesn't deserve this. I wish I felt like I knew what I was doing. I was in such a dream space. Hello, reality. Poor Grotto, fuck...

Subject: i feel asleep crying and i woke up crying

how could you not understand "please don't hurt me" like i gave you a carton of my eggs to look after for safe keeping and you went and smashed them all up on the sidewalk and then you look up at me me all doe eyed like "oh this wasn't what you meant?"

I had this kind of feeling like you were going to do it anyway and it was stressing me out and then after txting i felt ok and then in the morning YOU KNEW I WAS WORRIED AND I WAS FUCKING RIGHT I WAS RIGHT FUCK

For some reason i dunno i just didn't think you had the capacity to do this to me, like i just assumed better and it's the kind of disappointment like wile e coyote looks down and suddenly realises he's run out of road and there's nothing but gravity and hundreds of meters of treacherous air between him and the ground.
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