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Originally Posted by onoma View Post
really just want to see what people thought of the book. I read one bad review, but also a couple good reviews...
I would focus less on this book and whether or not it will get you closer to accomplishing your plan than I would focus on being honest with my partner.

Have you spoken with her about wanting an open relationship (or whatever it is that you are gunning for)? Has she requested that you find a good book for her? If you have talked with her unambiguously about what you want and she has requested that you do some research for her (which would tell me that she's not actually that interested) then so be it:

I have not read that particular book.

If you haven't spoken with her about it and she thus has not asked you to do research for her... what exactly is your plan? You going to slip it under her pillow and play dumb?
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