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Originally Posted by DarkDuality View Post
Instead of bound to, I should say usually. It does not always happen. But versus usually implies conflict, instead of "or". Or implies choice. Does not really matter to me though, whatever you like best.

Ooh, rich. I'll take last things first: "versus" certainly can suggest "conflict". A quick Google brings up the Free Dictionary (not the most authoritative source but this is quick-and-dirty, not up to ANSI specifications, so roll with me)

ver·sus (vūrss, -sz)
1. Abbr. v. or vs. Against: the plaintiff versus the defendant; Army versus Navy.
2. As the alternative to or in contrast with: "freedom of information versus invasion of privacy" (Ian Hamilton).
So, according to what we have here, "versus" APPLIES TO situations where conflict is present, but I see no indication by definition that "versus" IMPLIES conflict IN a situation. It's a very subtle distinction, but it exists.

Oh hey. I just want to say, I'm really sorry if I'm not choosing my words in the exact way that you need me to in order to not vanish in a puff of greasy black smoke. Besides being a fellow Aspie and therefore exempt from certain things neurotypicals have to do in order to make us feel at ease, i also have not mastered the ability to read people's minds, nor am I half-Betazoid or anything, so that's why I have no Empathy, acccording to at least one person. I mean, I don't agree with that, but I have been accused of it.

Which brings me to the next thing, speaking of Betazoids.

Instead of bound to, I should say usually. It does not always happen.
Now that we clarified the meaning and use (did you realize that "usage" and "utilize" are useless words? Anything you can use "usage" or "utilize" for, you can use "use" for instead. I bet you DID realize that, and you probably thought you were the only one who did. Maybe not. Like I said, I'm not a mind reader; but I aam a pretty good guesser. I can't do differential equations in my head, but i can reach into like, a bag of screws or something and pull out the exact number i need without counting #stupidautistictricks) of "versus", we can say "Star Wars versus Star Trek" without "inevitably", "frequently", "usually" ending up in a "conflict" or "fight" about it (for one thing, I really don't care so much about either (although I prefer Trek - TNG mainly, and TOS but not DS9 or Voyager or any of the other ones. I also wasn't THAT crazy about the latest motion picture, the one where Kirk and Spock were all young and fresh out of the Academy) to the point where it would be worth "fighting" over). Indeed, I have personally never seen that happen in MY experience, and believe me, I have done more than my share of discussing the relative merits and aspects and social implcations, etc. of those two popular cultural icons. Therefore, I would say that those discussions "sometimes" or "might" end up "in a fight", because while I have no empirical observation of such a thing, it is CONCEIVABLE, as in, "not out of the realm of reasonable possibility" that other people might be emotionally or intellectually invested in that debate to the point that they get really worked up about convinccing others they are right, which is what I'm GUESSING you mean by a "fight" (as opposed to people beating each other up with their fists). Correct me if I'm mistaken.

I am JUST getting warmed up, but i have to do other things. For your edification, and to keep you entertained while I am away, I refer you to

I thought there was another thread; maybe they got merged. Speaking of which - if a moderator wants to move these off-topic posts to that thread right there, that would be peachy-keen and super-grooovy.

(This Episode was brought to you by the Aspies in Favor of Giving NeuroTypicals a Break Foundation, or the AFGNTBF. "We don't need our acronym to spell a word. We know who we are.")

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