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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
I won't speak for BG, but my issue is that many books point to some particular cultures as great examples of what to do, but I don't see any rational justification as to why those cultures are more "right" than any other. Why one method of societal evolution is "better" than another, unless it's to propagate one particular point of view. Then, yes, you pick those cultures that support your point.

What I prefer is an examination of how multiple cultures approach the same thing - I find THAT sort of spread fascinating, without the "this is better than that" trap many books fall into (or place themselves into in order to push a point).

Of course, it doesn't sell books, so what do I know?

Pretty much this. I mean, "other cultures" force women to marry their rapists and make small children labor in sweatshops so we can have designer clothes. Does that mean just because it's "working" that it supports the argument that it's better, ok, or just one way of doing things that is no better or no worse than another way?

And i agree that it is interesting to learn about the ways the same thing is in different cultures, but that's something else.
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