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Default Stop calling me "NT"

I'm sorry that my quest to get NT's to understand how they could embrace autism rather than simply tolerating it offends you.
You don't sound sorry. You sound indignant and snarky. "i'm sorry you're offended." do you lack compassion as well as empathy toward OTHER PEOPLE with Asperger's Syndrome?

So basically, because i do not present, react, or conform to your idea of the way an autistic or aspie "should", you get to JUDGE me and declare my way of being WRONG? And you get to dictate to me what i must be FEELING because of that? I'll tell YOU how that feels. That makes me feel sick to my stomach.

And as to your "quest" - i've seen that before. I have observed that the moderators here do not find it appropriate to use this forum as a platform for "quests" or agendas, sometimes even ones that are on-topic, which this is not. My suggestion is that your "quest" may turn out to be counter-productive in some ways. But i don't care what you do. Just leave me alone.
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