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I do NOT appreciate being told that i must constantly adapt my choices of words based on the possibility that SOME special-interest group spokesperson might get their hot-buttons pushed.
I'm genuinely sorry that you don't appreciate it.

On this forum in particular, i have already been harassed and pushed to the point of losing my temper with one individual who took it upon themselves to speak for all "disabled" people and make an "example" out of me as Public Enemy Number One.
anger management, perhaps? Or just look at this when you feel angry inside at people on the Interwebz.

The mainstream, neurotypical world needs to wake up and start being sensitive to autistics and other mentally and neurologically marginalized people...

Oh cripes. For realz? No thanks.
I'm sorry that my quest to get NT's to understand how they could embrace autism rather than simply tolerating it offends you.

I hope this makes you all understand me better.

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