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Bit of an update.

Q and I are good. Q and Miss M are good. No news with the known players.

I've had a date, have one scheduled with a different guy, and am talking to another guy out of state. I met all three of them on OKC.

My date went well, but I didn't see it going further. Unfortunately, he did, and so we had to have that conversation (that part of dating sucks!). He's a nice guy and we're going to work on being friends.

I'm looking forward to Sunday's date. We're just going to play chess (badly, on my part) or Othello at a cafe.

Vegas guy I met through his wife on OKC. I think they're unicorn hunters, though they're trying to do it "right." I've talked to his wife a bit, but him quite a bit more. He asked me if I ever thought about dating a couple. Told him that I heard it was a hard way to go about things...anyway, I want to ask him what exactly he means by dating a couple, I just haven't done it yet. I enjoy talking to him.
Me: 30yo wife
Q: 29yo husband of 5 years
(The Divine) Miss M: 27yo mutual friend, GF of Q just recently
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