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I do not want to make this all about me, but it will sure seem so:

I do not pretend to "understand" autism. I do not pretend to "understand" cancer, either. That does not mean i am ignorant and uninformed. I do NOT appreciate being told that i must constantly adapt my choices of words based on the possibility that SOME special-interest group spokesperson might get their hot-buttons pushed. On this forum in particular, i have already been harassed and pushed to the point of losing my temper with one individual who took it upon themselves to speak for all "disabled" people and make an "example" out of me as Public Enemy Number One. I will not suffer that gladly a second time.

I don't come here and expect anyone else to change the way they write. I don't insist that Gala Girl stop typing in colors and flow charts and making up metaphors that give me a headache. So i skim over them or don't open them, depending on what the thread is about (i have them blocked but that's just so the pages load faster on the ipod) - what i DON'T do is say "Gala Girl, you obviously have a painfully limited idea of what it's like to be visually over-stimulated. You might want to exhibit some empathy and tone down your formatting and stop repeating the same thing four times in a row in the same post.". What if i went around doing that? What if i responded to everything i can't use with "you are not considering what it's like to be me". What if i started CORRECTING all the horrible spelling and poor grammar, and incorrect use of pronouns and parts of speech? Because that really triggers my Aspergers syndrome, you see, me being the left-brained verbally-oriented savant who thinks in rhyme most of the time. So you guys, i'm special too! I want you guys to change the way you do things for ME. Otherwise, you're creating a hostile environment, and that is a form of a personal attack, as well as just overall non-inclusiveness. I take no responsibility for the way i am because i was BORN like this. The mainstream, neurotypical world needs to wake up and start being sensitive to autistics and other mentally and neurologically marginalized people...

Oh cripes. For realz? No thanks.

I used to have a problem with the police. One of the reasons my spouse (who is a "de-escalation specialist" at a psych hospital - meaning they are the one who other direct care workers get to calm down the difficult patients) and i got married is because when the police came to the house, they would act like Spouse was an "outsider" because my family was what was giving me crap. Of course there are other reasons we got married too but that is the one that is relevant right now. Spouse is like a service-dog to me in a way - able to pick up on when i need them to step in and take control of a situation that is going poorly for me. Over the years, we have arranged our lives so as to minimize the police presence, but shit still comes up where i need that type of assistance. I have only met one other person in my life who was able to do this for me, it was a roommate in the early 1990's.

I have to go do some work now. I hope this makes you all understand me better. Now, any time anyone doesn't like what i said, i'm going to invoke the Aspie clause to shut them up. Is that okay, or not?

Oh, and don't get me wrong - i do not think Gala Girl is a bad person. Perhaps she IS - but i have not gotten to know her well enough to figure it out. That reference to GG up there was simply to give an example of how i deal with things that disturb my visual or cognitive experience. Nothing AT ALL in regards to the type of person she is. If anyone tries to give me crap on that aspect of it, i will not engage them.
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