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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Re:why you hate evo psych

I hate that too, i haven't read those books yet though. What i also hate and you see it quite a bit when discussing sex and sex sociology is the argument that "other cultures do it" and it's usually when it comes to rationalizing incest or justifying plural relationships.

I have to cut it short. Getting off the train.
Err.. what's wrong with "other cultures do it." It pretty clearly points out how much power society has over a persons beliefs and behavior.

That said: Incest? Really? I vaguely remember from my anthropology class that incest was one of the few universal taboos we know about. Universal taboo meaning that no culture/society allows it. In fact, the theory behind incest being a universal taboo is that there IS something in our nature that prevents it.
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