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Originally Posted by london View Post
You have no idea how many coping strategies I employ whilst answering on any forum, including this one. If I said what I really think, exactly how I think it, I would have been banned on the first day.

You are of course welcome to ignore my posts, I suspect you are already compelled to read them though and will continue to do so whilst muttering under your virtual breath about how utterly insufferable I am. But don't worry, we might have great angry sex one day, let's stay focused on that, eh, soldier?

Wow you took the words out of my mouth, except for the part about angry soldier sex, that went right over my head.

See here's the thing. This is what i mean when i say we are not as unique (GASP! Spelled it right!) as we have been taught to think we are. Oh also, i don't mutter about how insufferable you are. Not yet, anyway. I am busy doing THAT about dirtclustit (i am under orders to not use cute nicknames like Sawyer from Lost used to do). But anyway, you seem to be so wrapped in being offended by my use of words yet i just explained to you that i have a simlar condition and you're still going off about you, you, you. Where is your empathy for someone else LIKE you? And i guarantee you we are alike in more ways than you probably suspect.

Hi mom, hi dad.
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