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Originally Posted by london View Post
This is just about the worst thing you could say to someone on the autistic spectrum. This shows me that you have a painfully limited idea of what it is like to have autism. Reminds me of the people who don't mind when your autism helps them because of your ability to become fixated in your focus on something, but won't try and change their language to make their intentions clearer or do anything else that might help you because they don't believe you need that level of support. Ie you can only be autistic when it's convenient for me.

You have no idea who you are talking to. I plan to avoid responding to your comments from now on because the last thing i need on here is another "disabled" person following me around on here giving me crap.

I am not going to recite my medical history for you because it's none of your business, and i find it in poor taste when people use their medical, personal, psychiatric, etc. issues to make everyone else walk on eggshells, so i don't do it.

That said, i'll say whatever i say to the OP. this is not the Wrong Planet forum. The OP can go find an Aspie support group (and so can you, or me) if they need that kind of special treatment. You come to a forum about polyamory, you are going to get advice about relationships, not individual therapy.

London, i like the things you say most of the time, i agree with you, but you react very strongly to perceived insults and whatnot that may not be the case. If you know it's you with the aspergers, you should be developing a coping system and not expecting the whole world to change in order to know exactly how to word things. I have a mild form of Aspie where i over-read or under-read body language and facial expression. I have trouble with realizing when people are trying to escape from a conversation, etc. so i tend to avoid situations with lots of strangers around. But i am extremely high-functioning verbally, so there. Those two things make written communication and forums the ideal medium to express myself. That is also why i have difficulty stopping once i get going. So YOU would probably weird ME out by doing something like buttoning your coat in the wrong order or leaving your bag or backpack on the floor with the flap facing the wrong way. But guess what? I know these things are MY issues, and i wouldn't make them YOUR PROBLEMS.

Besides, i was talking to the OP. why are YOU offended? I wasn't even talking to You. Did the OP even ASK for your help defending them? Maybe they came here hecause they WANT advice from the general (non-autistic) population. Did you ever consider THAT?
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