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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
I think other posters are right in that "poly" and "polyamory" just don't work as labels to explain poly to non-poly folks. Hell, it took me about two years of reading on this forum just to accept that yes, that label could in fact work for me. So I get that it's not a readily understandable term. Just "non-exclusive dating" might work just fine for what I want to explain to my friends and family. I'll try that. Thanks.
Also, as with any other idea people are attached to, poly seems to come with a whole host of assumptions even from other poly folks. I only qualify as poly by using the very strictest of definitions. Once all of the other garbage gets piled onto it by personal preference I find myself backing away saying "Yah, that's not me at all, have fun with that"

I've never encountered someone who had a previous understanding of what polyamory was. The very few people I've talked to about it just gave me a blank look. I live in Texas though, and we like to keep 'knowledge' as far away from us as possible.

There was a thread recently from a partner who was pissed because her partner had identified himself as "single" to someone. To the monogamous world I meet many more qualifications for "single" than I do any of the definitions they understand. Maybe in the future I'll put it similar to "I have a girlfriend, but not in the way most people mean it" and then follow up their questions with "It's not a traditional relationship"
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