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Thanks for ringing in, everyone. sorry for the long absence. A lot of you were spot on, I think. We had more of a discussion about this a couple days ago. my wife is very concerned about being "outed" although I am quite open about being poly, so in a lot of ways it's already known to most of the people I've mentioned.

How supportive is she, actually, of my dating? The problem is, that changes. One moment she'll say she's supportive of me and accepts this as a part of who I am, the next she'll say this is really hard for her to deal with but she wants to work on it. Neither one of us want to end the relationship.

As to hobbies, unfortunately I'm a very solitary person. I do have hobbies, but they don't get me meeting too many new people. For example, I write, I sew, and I teach sewing to one teen student. I have time for more activities, I guess, I just need to get up the nerve to commit to meeting more new people.

In some ways being poly is not a very natural fit for me, in that I'm quiet, a little shy, and have never done well with dating. So the odds are somewhat stacked against me to begin with, even without removing two of my social circles. But the main reason I hold on to it is I can't stop developing feelings for and attractions to other people. I keep hoping one of them will work out eventually, even though it's not very likely with the way things currently are in my life.
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