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Default ok poly forever lol

Ok so We are in a quad as well. Went from swinging to falling in love. The quad is now coming up to our 5th anniversary.

BTW I do have a totally loving quad. I am active with all 3 of my partners in the Quad as is the other 3 with each other.

This has been a fantastic week in our quad. I have made love to my ladies a number of times this week, sometimes together and sometimes apart.

My BF and i went on a date to a club, where you can rents rooms or use the hot tub or the group room etc, this was a lot of fun. He now talks about us going on a date, that is a first.

Last night we ended up with a sleepover, this is relatively new for us, as my bf doesn't like sleepovers so much on a weeknight.. What i showed him this morning is that just because i have to go to work doesn't mean the other 3 have to get up.

we live 900 meters apart. we also moved closer together so we could be.

Again would i ever give up poly, absolutely not, sure its work but the rewards pay far more than the work. It cannot be more beautiful that i am loved by my wife, my gf, and my bf.

And if we ever split up it would be extremely hard.
Me bisexual married to D.
in a relationship with L and G all in a full fourple
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