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First I will admit when I first read this thread I thought you were this same kitten and my first impression was formed before I went back to check. Second I know this is rude but please don't have a child with these people. If you do, find a lawyer.

Originally Posted by kittenkittykat View Post
Well all was well and good until the wife says I will be mommy and you will be Emaw as per what the child they have together calls me.
She asked if she could pass a newborn off to Family as hers
As far as, her having more children that isn't a possibility given that she's 46 and has had a partial hystercytomy
she said we need to sit down and discuss how things would be if there were to be an end of our relationship.
From what you've told us, does it really sound like they plan on keeping you involved once you give them another baby?

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