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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
It isn't clear to me - the person who said this to you, are you in love with that person? Are you "in a relationship" with this person? Or was it like, some casual acquaintance at a party type-of-thing? Because I could see if it was someone you were emotionally invested in who was pushing your buttons. But if it's a relative stranger... just fuck 'em. In the classical sense, not the literal sense.
This is just about the worst thing you could say to someone on the autistic spectrum. This shows me that you have a painfully limited idea of what it is like to have autism. Reminds me of the people who don't mind when your autism helps them because of your ability to become fixated in your focus on something, but won't try and change their language to make their intentions clearer or do anything else that might help you because they don't believe you need that level of support. Ie you can only be autistic when it's convenient for me.
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