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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
All I ask is fidelity (can you believe this is RP talking... I can't sometimes).
That would be a breaking detail for me-for two reasons.
1) I tried-with all my heart in the promise, to live by that rule and failed. So I am loathe to try again.
2) I don't believe at all that anyone can be happy with JUST that. Frequently we say "I only ask..." but the truth is, that is bullshit.
We only ask whatever one thing IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT. But, when push comes to shove-it's not REALLY the only one thing we want/need/expect.

I am confident enough of number 2 that I will say-if Mono offered you fidelity-but he stopped being the man you know today-it wouldn't be enough RP.

I KNOW you mean it when you say it. But, there are other things you expect (and ANYONE would). A simple example, kindness and respect towards your son and your responsibility to him. You might reply that you *know* that Mono would never change in regards to LB. But-that's kind of the point yes? You were confident that he wouldn't change in respect to being mono to you either. But, he did change. (not making a judgment-just saying). Likewise-in addition to fidelity, there are other things you need/expect/require/ask and many are probably PERFECTLY REASONABLE, most even.
But don't delude yourself by allowing yourself to believe that it's only one thing you want. It's not.

You might want monogamy.
You might want fidelity.
But there are other things too and they are equally important.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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