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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Thanks for PN's writing on being "in the dance." I'm pondering for a bit on that.

My first reaction is one of anger today. I am not wanting to be in a dance of poly. I have reached poly burn out. Fuck the dance. I want some simple little life of good friends, happy family and someone who I can pour my heart into. Ya. Backward for a poly forum. Reactionary perhaps.... maybe I will recoup and see it the poly way again but for now I seem to be unable. I seem to be moving toward working on my abandonment baggage etc and making a fool of myself for someone I would likely be better to say good bye to.
Interestingly-I didn't see that post as having anything to do with poly... Maybe because most of my adult life hasn't been poly? I don't know. But, it reminded me of my closest friendships and how our lives are intertwined even when we are distant....

Maybe re-read the post from PN without considering it as being romantic or poly in nature and consider it from that perspective?
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