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Originally Posted by DarkDuality View Post
Umm, can we get back on topic?

That said I read somewhere that people with Aspergers have a difficult time letting go of something that offended them (in this case me feeling broken). So this wound may just take time to heal.

As for the rest, everyone is right. I have to do me and listen to what it is I want. Maybe I do want a relationship, maybe I just want to be single and have friends. Like I stated before, I'm not going to force love. If it does happen down the line, good. If not, no big deal. I could even find that a relationship is not what I want.
At the end of the day, I have to live my life.
It isn't clear to me - the person who said this to you, are you in love with that person? Are you "in a relationship" with this person? Or was it like, some casual acquaintance at a party type-of-thing? Because I could see if it was someone you were emotionally invested in who was pushing your buttons. But if it's a relative stranger... just fuck 'em. In the classical sense, not the literal sense.
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