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If you don't want drama, don't cause any, first of all.

Second, be aware that whomever you date will bring their OWN issues to the table, and THAT could cause drama. You really have to know yourself. You have to be honest with yourself and be prepared to treat yourSELF as number one.


Because! Because I said so. Because that's how you do it RIGHT. Don't believe me. Go make your own mistakes and find out for yourself. I don't even know why these forums exist. People come here, ask advice, and say "you don't know me! I'm uneek and spayshul! I make up new words for things that already have words! Yay me!"

Yes, yay, you. Go make your mistakes, learn your lessons, and come back here and give people your useless hard-earned advice with the rest of us. Take as long as you need to. We'll wait right here.

(that "you" was the "Royal You" and not aimed only or especially at the Butterfly-cup-woman)
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