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Default MonoM-polyF hard times

It isn't as easy as some people try to make it sound. Although I was completely open about being poly from day one.. we still hit a few snags and still do. My primary partner is mono. We have been together for 5 years. My other partner (also 5 years) is poly. I also have relationships with men other than these. So.. the hardest part was my primary partner feeling loved. We just keep communicating and it has gotten alot better. He has found things to do when I spend time with my other partner(s) and knows I am safe because he always knows where I am. We had to work very hard on the trust part. But, I listen!!! He does have a say in what men we bring into our "circle". He has shared me with other men and that helped to ease his worries. He didn't "lose" me.. he enjoyed being included and seeing me happy. It made us both happy.
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