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Default Psychology, even during these current days

is best described as the equivalent to medical doctors using leeches to cure patients with infectious disease.

It is that far behind all other sciences in any scientific discipline because of the data and the fact that so many human beings either are too afraid to be honest or else they are such strangers to even themselves they literally have no idea who they are.

Peer review does not mean "debated" it means when scientists will honestly review laboratory results without bias, but it does require a level of honesty that is Honest, which means you don't it doesn't depend on how a message is conveyed, it is whether or not the message is meant to confuse or to share info so that they can understand.

Not being truthful or lying is not a valid way to teach lessons, that is closer to abuse than it can be considered teaching.

Originally Posted by boring guy
Yes yes, but Annabel is one of the ones with the personal experience of liking couples and having tried it and being in the position of taken most seriously when answering these questions.

The rest of us KNOW we're right, but novices are more likely to BELIEVE someone like Annabel. On paper, anyway. In practice, they are ALL yooneek and THEY will be the ones to come back and say "See? You said it couldn't be done, but we're DOING it! Neener-neener!"

And then they come back and go, "Our unicorn was really a cowgirl!" or something else or they don't come back or maybe they live happily ever after just like in the fairy tales who knows...

When someone (NATJA!!!!) said "successful triads are rare" or whatever it was she said, something with the words "triads are rare" in it - yes, there are quite a few triads in the history of the internet that have lasted maybe more than a year or two. HOWEVER - two things:

1) those are usually the "organic" variety, not the "planned" variety

2) compare that figure to the number of "poly couples" LOOKING for a triad - both ones who haven't had one yet and ones who had one that ended after a short (NRE) time. The number of couples who WISH THEY WERE IN A TRIAD far far outnumbers the number of stable, committed three-way live-in married-type "closed" triads.

This is more or less anecdotal, but even if you just take what sampling is on this forum, it's basically so. I'm not trying to draw a graph or use this to convince people to give me a research grant or anything like that. I have been observing the new threads and thread titles and unless someone can present anecdotal evidence that i am full of shit, i rest my case. For the moment, at least.
number one, just because you desire something, doesn't mean that it cannot happen "organically"

number two, if you are claiming that there is absolutely nothing behind your words that remains unspoken or at least not addressed I find it hard to believe but I do believe you should be taken at your word. You seem willing to discuss the topic to a certain degree, however it seems more like the topic is not as important as feeling like you can view it in your head as being victorious in a debate.

There is nothing wrong with running a household, or even a community that does not allow for individuals to feel special or unique. But it is not required to have a functional healthy family or community and there is also an opposing view which is that it's healthier to have a community that is allowed to celebrate their uniqueness, but not become vain or use the fact that they are unique in order to justify doing another wrong under the false pretense that their uniqueness is more important or takes precedence.

Maybe it nothing about you or your words and I am confusing sarcasm for seriousness in your words.

I personally have never met a cowboy or a cowgirl who remained a problem once given acid, but the only ethical way to do that is for them to explicitly consent to taking it

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