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For fuck's sake people, I asked london to PM me because I am curious about her perception of lies and neurotypical people and that curiousity was not related at all to the OP's post. Hence the PM. If london wants to make a separate thread about it, that would be cool but, in my opinion, this thread is not the place to have that discussion.

If you don't know much about autism spectrum and other non-neurotypical folks, go do some research before getting your panties all in a wad.

Yes the comment was intemperate and obnoxious. But you know what? I've heard more than one person who is on the autism spectrum say that they perceive neurotypicals to lie a lot. And they are correct. Think about all the truth you did not say to someone today or this week because it would have caused pain for no good reason. Think about all the little white lies we tell each other, all in the name of getting along and not rocking the boat. Think about how we shade the truth, don't say what we are actually thinking, or manipulate our language just so. This is something we do so constantly that we don't notice it - but for people who do not experience or understand social in the same way we do, it is very obvious and often perplexing.

And, yes, there is a power imbalance between the majority of neurotypicals -we determine who gets to join us in the 'typical' column - and those who fall outside of 'normal'. Be aware of that - yes, it is another kind of privilege if your brain works more or less like most other people.
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