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Default NO worries Root

Originally Posted by Root
I assume you're floating the idea of me being a sock? I'm not sure if I should be flattered or a bit worried. I really am a newbie, most of what little I know is from reading these forums and poking through articles online.

That said, I really wasn't hoping to cause much conflict. It's hard to miss the kind of negative attention these threads get if you bother reading the forums a little before posting. I was hoping trying to be somewhat humble would mitigate things and give a chance to get some answers without upsetting people, but I guess I did a poor job of conveying that given some of the responses.

That said, sorry if this seemed "for the fuck of it." My wife and I were genuinely hoping for some non-trivial info or meaningful articles.

And to your later post, it's really fine. You were very polite, I guess I'm just surprised anyone would think that.
I just had to ask, I actually feel that when people are honest and will actually discuss whatever it is they are reluctant to talk about, that any issue can be resolved.

Resolution can come the hard way or the painless easy way, or it can remain unresolved. I believe matters that rear their heads and refuse to go away should be resolved, but I do not agree that the issue should be forced.

I believe that when one party is not willing to resolve whatever they dispute, they should be able to walk away and so long as things are not repeated I believe in allowing mercy.

My questioning you was due to preferring to not beat around the bush, people make mistakes and even those whom I don't respect I have no desire to force them to face their issues unless they naturally come up.

If this topic is allowed to proceed to it's natural resolution I have a hunch some people will feel a little foolish, and just so you know, it isn't you Root. Sometimes when we are wronged we have a desire to seek vengeance, and that is something I am vehemently against.

If it were to happen even though I did honestly attempt to stop it, so be it

Sometimes when the truth comes to light, it can be very embarrassing for certain parties, especially for those who have trouble admitting they are wrong or those who feel that for that it is a bad habit to think you are special or unique. You are unique and special, but not everyone agrees that knowing this is the best way to structure a family or community.

I only asked because I thought it was something that should be addressed from the beginning, before everything plays out, if it is allowed to and then does, carry on Root

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