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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Ah, but when it comes to unicorn hunters, haven't we all repeated ourselves incessantly? I think it has to do with people's refusal to comprehend what they don't want to comprehend. Either that or they haven't figured out how to use the search function.
Yes yes, but Annabel is one of the ones with the personal experience of liking couples and having tried it and being in the position of taken most seriously when answering these questions.

The rest of us KNOW we're right, but novices are more likely to BELIEVE someone like Annabel. On paper, anyway. In practice, they are ALL yooneek and THEY will be the ones to come back and say "See? You said it couldn't be done, but we're DOING it! Neener-neener!"

And then they come back and go, "Our unicorn was really a cowgirl!" or something else or they don't come back or maybe they live happily ever after just like in the fairy tales who knows...

When someone (NATJA!!!!) said "successful triads are rare" or whatever it was she said, something with the words "triads are rare" in it - yes, there are quite a few triads in the history of the internet that have lasted maybe more than a year or two. HOWEVER - two things:

1) those are usually the "organic" variety, not the "planned" variety

2) compare that figure to the number of "poly couples" LOOKING for a triad - both ones who haven't had one yet and ones who had one that ended after a short (NRE) time. The number of couples who WISH THEY WERE IN A TRIAD far far outnumbers the number of stable, committed three-way live-in married-type "closed" triads.

This is more or less anecdotal, but even if you just take what sampling is on this forum, it's basically so. I'm not trying to draw a graph or use this to convince people to give me a research grant or anything like that. I have been observing the new threads and thread titles and unless someone can present anecdotal evidence that i am full of shit, i rest my case. For the moment, at least.
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