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Default You're right Nycindie

Originally Posted by nycindie
[AND by the way, let's everyone please remember and get it through your heads that "unicorn hunters" is a phrase that means a couple is looking for something mythical that doesn't exist. So, just because a bi woman is, or has been, in a triad doesn't mean she is a unicorn - to call her that doesn't make sense. If she exists, she isn't a unicorn! It isn't a triad, per se, that is mythical. The mythical creature is used to describe the unrealistic fantasies of the unicorn-hunting couple, not the relationship configuration nor the actual woman herself.]
and not every couple goes through the phase, but there are some who justify enforcing that all couples looking for another to form a triad are unicorn hunters at one point in time. Thank God it is online and hopefully any reader is wise enough to know that just because people tell you it's impossible, doesn't mean it can't be done.

Some people have no problem admitting their shortcomings and that others may not have them

But I guarantee that anytime there is a point of contention that cannot be resolved, such as the topic of this thread and the different point of view. There is always something that is not being spoken on that is at the underlying reason for the problem.

Whether the reason for people not being able to talk about doesn't matter, until they are willing to discuss the what goes unspoken, it's round and round they go.

When there is no love between people, there needs to be a level of respect, without respect and honesty (which includes being able to admit one's shortcomings) separating the opposing sides or else finding boundaries they are willing to respect is the only realistic solution.
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