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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Mono wrote way back in the beginning that he needed you and your husband to be having er, i forget the exact words he used but "healthy and active sex life" would not be too far off base, in order for him (Mono) to be able to function in that relationship with you.

So there was that, and also the thing about how he could deal with you having girlfriends but not so much having other boyfriends.

I remember that.
yup. He did. For some reason it didn't sink in the ramifications of that nor did it occur to me that things change and that we may have to deal with this one day. Well maybe it did but really, what does one do, just not be with someone because things change? No. There was no avoiding it. I will stay in this as is until someone makes a move. Could be me or anyone.
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